Partnership Programs

Brew Lab Tea offers our partners a unique opportunity to have a looseleaf tea or tea cocktail created for them, taking into account flavor profile, vibe, or theme.  We consult on tea menus, tea cocktail programs, and tea trends, and offer private label services.

  • Events

    Brew Lab Tea is the ideal partner for private and corporate events, private or corporate.  Custom-created menus that will perfectly complement the party's theme to ensure that your event — whether it's a launch party, wedding, or birthday party - is perfect.  Brew Lab Tea offers custom blending for events, and can even craft custom teas on-site.

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  • Retail & Food Service

    Brew Lab Tea will work with your restaurant or coffeeshop to create unique custom teas and delectable tea cocktails, with ingredients that are expertly selected to complement your menu.  No matter what vibe you exude or cuisine you serve, Brew Lab Tea is the perfect beverage partner.

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